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もう11月も終わり・・・/It’s already the end of Nov.

Sunday, November 29th, 2009


最近の準は、ご飯をモリモリ食べているせいか顔がふっくらしてきました。笑。 普段ご飯食べる時はあまり表情が出ないのですが、母の作るチョコパンを食べる時は笑ってくれます。味がちゃんとわかるのかなぁ?チョコパンもちぎって渡してあげると、自分で口に運んで食べています!特に食べ物の制限はないので、最近はしっかりおやつまで食べています。贅沢者ですね~。



It has been already (or probably ONLY) 3 months since the accident. It seems looong time for us, but we didn’t imagine 3 months ago that we could have such a good day within 3 months. Thank you so much for your continuous support!

He has been eating a lot these days. He eats pretty much everything including our mom’s homemade chocolate bread! He doesn’t look happy when he usually eats, but he smiles when he eats mom’s bread! Does he remember/ taste the bread?!?! He eats it by himself. He enjoys some snacks in the afternoon as well. What a spoiled boy! lol

He is working hard on his rehabilitation too, of course! He started to practice walking with bars (and support from his back) sometimes in a week. It seems hard for him, but he makes progress a bit day by day. He can play catch better too! He had a good time with playing catch with his friend the other day.

Next thing that we are waiting is talking with him! I feel like it will come pretty soon. Is Santa Claus coming to Honda family? ☆ You are welcome to come earlier than Christmas, Santa!

今週の準/ Jun’s week

Friday, November 20th, 2009


Jun is eating more and more everyday! He ate only porridge and mushed vegetables on Monday but he eats mushy rice and regular vegetables, meat, and fish. He eats much faster now as well. He even uses his spoon once I give it to him with rice on it. I hope he will get more energy nfor more rehabilitation! Thank you for your continuous prayers!

It’s a good day!

Monday, November 9th, 2009


Today Jun threw a ball. Actually the ball was dropped from his hand, but he did it on purpose! He is eating a jello-like food to re-learn eating. His visitors are pretty sure he can hear, see, and understand them. He can even understand English, too! Mihori’s American co-workers visit him sometimes and he seems to understand them.

Recently Jun was able to give a high-five and also give a peace sign! Thank you everyone for your caring concern and interest in Jun’s recovery. We are making progress!

Video of Jun drinking water on his own!