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I am truely proud of Jun

Friday, March 26th, 2010

After Jun left his second hospital and before he moved in his third one, there were 3days of no hospitalization. Our home is not Jun-friendly yet; we need to remodel some parts in our house to be more accessible for him, so we all stayed at a hotel for 3 nights together. It was such a great refreshment from the long-lasting life in hospital for Jun and from all chores and works for parents and me. It was first time to spend a whole night with Jun since the accident, and we had an amazing time together! We talked a lot, laughed a lot, and slept a lot! Yay!

On March 15th, the beautiful day, Jun had his commencement. I didn’t know that he was such a great student but he had earned enough credits to graduate as of last August. He wasn’t able to sit with his friends but instead we got to sit by him at the area for the wheelchairs. During the ceremony, one student from each department went up to the stage to receive Diploma on behalf of the rest of the graduates while they stood up at their seats. Yes, Jun also stood up with all his friends. It was just a very emotional moment for us all. I am truely proud of Jun. At the same time, I am very proud of my parents who never lose their hope and be ALWAYS positive throughout last 7 months. I am super grateful to be a part of this family!

We have been putting all our energy, time,
and love on Jun since the accident, but we wouldn’t have been able to done so without you all. Every single one of you has been a great help and support for us. We appreciate for your warmful thoughts and prayers so much!!! It has been very touching to see how much love we are surrounded by! We hope we can give it back to you at some point. Jun keeps working pretty hard, and I always tell him that we need to travel around to visit everyone to say thanks!

Thank you again!

Love you all!


Monday, March 22nd, 2010


Sorry you might be having a trouble seeing the pictures. I will take care of it as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience. I will add a post in English soon as well. I’m just telling you that Jun graduated from college!!


Monday, March 22nd, 2010




Kennedy visited our hotel room!

Kennedy visited our hotel room!


Us with the best therapists!

Us with the best therapists!


Monday, March 22nd, 2010




Another moving

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

In this week, we had a big event and another moving! On March 13th, Jun left his second hospital. It was such a nice hospital- a clearn and new building, great staff members, a pretty good location to go back and forth-so it was hard to leave. It was also very kind of them that they always welcomed visitors there, so we made tons of fun memories there. We miss them A LOT!

I was talking to his therapists on our last day, and realized again how much progress he had made for last 3 months. When he moved in, he couldn’t talk at all, he couldn’t stay sitting, or he couldn’t recognize some objects on the table. Now, he can make some silly comments, he can walk by himself with a walking frame, and he can enjoy watching a ballgame on TV! I can cry to think of those! Thank you again and always for your love and support!!!!

In January, we were talking that we wanted him to come home at this point. To reach this goal, Jun did all his best, so did all his therapists. However, his doctor suggested that he needs further intensive rehabilitation for a little longer period. He could come home now but it’s better for him not to do so on a long-term point.

By Japanese Law, a patient cannot stay in a same hospital for more than three months. (There might be some exception, but at least for Jun’s case.) Therefore, he had to move out again to another hospital. His third hospital is located pretty far from home. I can visit him much less than before, and it is not okay!! I miss him so much. When I told him “I want to come more! I miss you!!”, he said “Well, it’s okay, you should work!” Wow! It sounded like our former relationship! He used be like an older brother rather than a younder one for me!

We had an amazing day after he left his second hospital and before moved in third one. I will let you know about it hopefully tomorrow!

Have a great Sunday!



Sunday, March 21st, 2010








Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

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Jun and his OT doing the training for his arms!


Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Hi, my friends and families! Sorry it took me long to write in English. I’ve been just too busy to sit at the computer and write…Anyway, how have you been doing everyone? I’m thinking of you all every single day. Has spring come yet at your place? We had snow today here in Tokyo. I can’t believe it. Isn’t it March already??? and “It’s fffffreeeeeeziiiiiiiing!!!!” (just for you, my friend!:)

Anyway….I have to write about Jun here, huh? Well, I will tell you about his OT training today. OT (Occupational Therapy) is a training for his hands. He started three months ago with stretching his both arms and hands equaly, and moving some beanbags from a box at his right to another one at his left.

In this three months, he has been practicing how to handle his spoon to eat, how to put on/ take off his clothes, and how to deal with all works in a bathroom…any sorts of things that he needs to handle to lead his life. Recently, he started to practice using chopsticks (though they are kind of special chopsticks for training, so I guess it’s much easier to use, but still!)

I feel like he should have some difficulty in depth perception. It is pretty difficult for him to reach his hand out for an object properly. It might be caused by his damaged eyesight, he might not be sensible that much, or neurons (or any other transmitters…whatever they are) in his brain can’t travel/communicate right each other. Doctors and therapists still struggle to find out the cause. I can totally understand that it is such a complicated problem and very difficult to figure out. It’s not something that you can measure numerically. Am I right, my Dr. fiance?:)

How I wish I could visit Jun’s brain for about 10 minutes to see how he is feeling, what he is thinking, and how he is seeing the world. When I told that to my mom, she said that “Jun will be so tired to have you in his brain for 10 minutes!! Poor Jun! You should be out in a minute or so!!” Well….mom….I think you are kind of off the point…but I’m sure we can keep our heads up because you are so silly!

Here is another story that shows Jun is truely mom’s son.

One day, his OT therapist shared some conversations that she and Jun had during the training. I was talking to her while we were letting Jun walk by himself (here I mean paddle his wheelchair by himself) ahead of us. She said that Jun told her he was super happy to see me and I was the best. I thought “Really?! I don’t think so…he should be happier to see his girlfriend and friends….” but I just asked him “Hey Jun…what do you want?” Soon after I asked him, he said “Good beef” He didn’t even look at me. Just keep paddling with a slight smile! Oh boy! We screamed and laughed so hard! What a silly boy! I can’t believe that he has some brain damages!! Actually he made a mistake. He should have told that to dad to obtain good beef, not to a poor sister! Ha!

I hope Jun entertained you tonight. Have a great week!

Always love


Thursday, March 4th, 2010




OT(Occupational Therapy:作業療法)では、主に手先の訓練をしています。入院した時には確か、両手をまっすぐ前に伸ばす練習とか、お手玉を箱に移し入れる練習とかをしていた気がします。






先生 「さっき本田くんが、お姉さんが来てくれるのが一番嬉しいって言ってましたよ~!ねー本田くん?」

準 「はい」

わたし 「(えぇ?!♡まっさかぁ・・・けど毎日仕事前に来てる甲斐があるなぁ♪ウキウキ!)ねね、準ちゃん・・・何が欲しいの?」