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Our goal!

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010





Thank you for your continuous thoughts and prayers!

It has been about a month since Jun moved to current hospital. We had a conference with his doctor the other day. She said his rehabilitation is going pretty well and Jun made a greater progress than she expected. It was good to hear that! Although we still have lots of concerns that we need to overcome, but we are pretty happy so far. We all set our goal together then; we want Jun to come home in the middle of March!! I believe Jun can make it happen. He is trying so hard on his training every single day which shouldn’t be easy for him. I am really proud of him!

Thank you again for your support. I can’t wait to tell you more good news soon!

Much love

A Happy New Year!

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010



今年は前に進むのみです!!Never give up!


A Happy Belated New Year!
Last year was the hardest year for our family, but I feel very thankful that we are all here together to cerebrate the new year now. Thank you so much for your continuous prayers and support!! You all have been helping us to keep our heads up!

Jun came back home for a short visit over the new year’s holidays. Unfortunately, he couldn’t stay overnight, but it was still amazing. I bet he missed mom’s meal so much. He ate A LOT! We had a great holiday.

We will keep moving forward this year, and we will make 2010 a great year!!

We miss you and love you all!!!!!!

Jun, parents, and Mihori